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Twitch 2017 predictions

While Twitch for a long time just seem to sit back and ride on its success and market lead with very few changes for its broadcasters and viewers they’re now making a huge technology push.

2016 was a big year for their back-end so here’s a summary:-

  • Finally rolling out html 5.
  • Incorporating twitch into the lumberyard dev kit for direct-twitch interactive games.
  • Twitch Prime with Amazon Prime and free sub to a channel.
  • Video Uploading to twitch
  • Improved video tagging and highlighting
  • Improved hosting

Moving onto 2017

  • Mobile Broadcasting – not sure how big this will be as competition from Facebook and Periscope heats up.
  • Low latency Protocol improvements (could be huge!)

So far I’ve seen no announcements regarding improved transcoding, They’re always at the big shows, and I doubt that will change. They’ll bring out the movie uploads from beta, and probably allow scheduled broadcasts from movie uploads.

If move games integrate direct-twitch integration I do expect to see a gradual uplift in their viewers / streamers but the biggest factor in this will be if and when they go full on with low latency broadcasting.

It’s going to be an interesting year.