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The only platform a streamer needs

What makes unique? Why is it really special?

I’ve briefly covered the subject in my previous post but now it’s time to go into some detail.

A combination of all things coming together to make a larger whole. The passion and desire to create and nurture community is core at Beam. The love of gaming and community oozes quality through  every pore. The community is not selfish, you wont see major self-promotion on Beam, you wont see people removing clothes for money, or streamers trolling other streamers continuously for views, the audience is more discerning, loyal, supportive – and quick to silence streamers looking to subvert the platform.

A lot of streamers like myself came to beam looking for a fresh start, one where they’d become disillusioned with the status quo  of choosing between 3 streaming platforms which felt like you were broadcasting into a vast sea of nothingness with little interaction from the community.  What are the ways Beam is different?

Raiding is a huge part of Beam, for those who haven’t experienced this. It is hands down one of the primary ways of growing your stream giving traction to both you as a streamer and raising the profile of the person you’re raiding. You will gain followers, the person you’re raiding will gain followers, and it gives a huge morale boost to all involved in the raid. How does it work?


When you’re ending your stream simple tell your audience that you’re going into your targets channel and announce the switch to their channel in your chat ‘Hey everyone we’re raiding – lets move to their channel and say ‘The British Are Coming’. Most streamers have a raid call to let the streamer know you’ve arrived by typing into their text channel e.g. mine would be ‘The British Are Coming’. The last part of the raid is to end your own stream by hosting the channel that you’ve raided, and thank raiders in your channel for swapping with you.

It’s also polite and standard to mention and thank any raids that you’ve had on your corresponding twitter channel.


While Twitch also has hosting, it’s Beam that’s taken hosting to the next level – again this is another way to boost both your own and the profile of the channel your hosting. With faster chat response times on Beam hosting is far more rewarding and streamers are quick to thank hosts for their support.

In my previous post I discussed why the biggest streaming platform in the world has flatlined. The people who grew up watching and streaming are now adults, with children of their own who actually want a streaming platform with streamers that respect and value their audience and backed up by a technical and community team with drive and ambition, one that simply isn’t offered on any other streaming platform apart from Beam.

In coming up posts I’ll be talking about Discord, community, growth and the pitfalls and Beams ability to retain its identity in periods of massive growth.