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Mid -Tier Streamers are more valuable than Top

I saw a post made by Danny Hernandez, a data scientist for twitch, he has some wonderful insights on game sales and branding there’s hard figures to back up the claims. I’ll link to his post at the bottom of the article, and cross-post a couple of his charts.

I’m going to be talking about Beam and Twitchand as a developer what streamer numbers are needed to gain the most sales and uplift for your game. The second discussion point is that watching a stream broadcast of a game is a ‘pitstop on the way to a checkout’

First, Twitch – top streams garner 3,000 views plus – so my thoughts on this is that there’s very little scope for interaction on those streams and often it’s the top 3 games such as LoL, Counterstrike, or Hearthstone soaking up the views. Variety streamers are where it’s at – where the streams start getting into territory where dialogues can happen and the streamer has time to play new games. These are streamers that have 30 – 3000 viewers, and weirdly 0-3 viewers.

Twitch Mid-Tier graph

On Beam we’d need to translate the figures slightly, Currently there are no streamers that have that many viewers which would naturally mean a high conversion rate for all games – But if you cut off the top streamers and add in the 3 – 50 factor it’s clear to see that Beam is the best platform to get major traction for game studios wanting to get their platform out there by word of mouth. It’s community basis means word of mouth gets around incredibly fast.

Sales percentage estimates according to Twitch

More recently Astroneer has been playing a lot on a variety of beam channels, and it’s been quick to be picked up by the community, I know many people who have seen it being played and purchased after watching viewers on beam. There’s so many plays of this game I can’t even fit it in a screenshot.

Too many to fit – but it’s super popular right now

It’s clear from the publicity it’s getting right now that it’s going to be a massive hit. I believe that ‘The Division’ owes its wildly successful early sales figures to streamers initially playing it with viewers.

Now where did I put that Lunar Rover?

There are of course companies out there that are seeking to capitalise on the streamer dollar – is one such service that aims to put developers in touch with streamers to distribute alpha and free keys to get airtime for their games (if you’re a streamer I do encourage you to sign up for this). Have I bought games while watching other stream? Absolutely – I’ll always try and catch a stream before I purchase a game, and i’ve often given out keys for the games that I’m playing so my viewers can join in on the fun with me. I’m absolutely sure that I’m not in the minority on this, and I’m sure the great minds at Beam and Microsoft are thinking about using Beam to gain more traction for xbox and microsoft games.

You can read the twitch centric stats post here:-