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Best of Beam review – Rival_Laura

Name: Rival_Laura
Stream TimesMonday – Friday 9 AM EST (2 PM GMT)
Teen / Mature
Joined Beam:
March 2016

As you know Beam just isn’t about gaming, so while based around gaming and the love of games it’s about community, a place to meet open minded people who love bringing people together, and relax.

Looking Sassy in the Christmas hat

So with that in mind the next best of Beam reviews goes to Rival_Laura who’s a supremely talented artist (and yes she still plays games too). I can’t remember when I first bumped into her streams, while surfing Beam, but it was while she was creating some overlays in stream where she caught my eye.

Building in Progress – literally!

One of the things that delighted me was the way that she listened and responded to chat, and took on-board contributions and ideas from the chat during the creation process. Laura is incredibly experienced and it’s amazing to watch someone who clearly loves design so much sharing her craft with the viewers. Stylistically clean and modern you wont find drawings of ‘DickButt’ or ‘Harambe’ in her streams, (If there was I may have just missed them). What you will get is a wonderful sense of taking part in the creation of great work, and you’ll meet some awesome people while you do it.

I’d move into the middle one, with the big window.

Often you’ll find her working on commissioned work for the streaming community. I’ll mention at this point that I did commission her to create my main logo, which I love. No doubt I’ll be calling on her powers some more in the future. Hopefully she wont mind if i link to her portfolio, so you can see for yourself some of her finished work.

So please check her out, throw a follow, watch some of the VOD’s and I’ll be seeing you during the next stream.