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Best Time to Stream on Beam?


The question often gets asked – when’s the best time to stream? What time should I stream to gain the maximum amount of views, when can I watch the best streamers?  Do I need to do a 24 hour stream?

Update:- this graphic pulled from Scottybot confirms peaks and troughs on from Beam stats. Times are UTC/GMT

Traffic Graph showing high and low levels of streaming

Demographics come into it, as well as platform growth but the biggest question to ask is when can you stream? Can you stream without impacting family / school / work? Streaming should never come at a detriment to you as a person. It can be a difficult balance, but like all things in life it should be taken in moderation and seen as a journey to love and enjoy.

I’m going to use EST (GMT -5 hours) as a time basis due to the fact that the vast majority of streamers right now on Beam are based in the US – yes there are other streaming platforms that have a more European and Eastern lean to them, but we’re talking specifically about Beam here.

–  this is the time when the late night streamers are streaming or ending their streams, People in Europe are waking up, if they’re not working they may be catching up with streams while waking up and having breakfast – If you’re lucky you’ll pick up some hosts. I’ve often been front-page featured during the 3 AM to 11 AM EST slot. It’s also the main time for me based in Europe to catch up and chat to streamers when I’m not streaming. If you’re based in New Zealand or Australia it’s also a great time to run a stream and catch people before they start work and have a bit of free time. As a streamer I really enjoy having the change to stream during this time, as I get to speak to people in the states when they’re done with their day, can catch up on some good stories, and pick up some lurkers before they zone out in my channel to earn sparks.

– Great time for streaming in the US, it’s not peak time for US viewers, but over the pond we’re all having our lunch, and looking for some entertaining streamers to watch. For streamers in Europe who don’t have to work, it’s also a fantastic time.

11 AM EST / 4 PM GMT
– Number of streamers online starting to reach higher, Schools and Colleges start closing and everyone starts getting back home for the day, further across Europe people are coming home from work.

2 PM EST / 7 PM GMT – Streaming Peak time for Europe starts to get close, a lot of people I know start streaming around this time – as they’ve come home from work, finished eating and are ready to get settled down for a night relaxing with others, or to start streaming themselves. Beam is really busy right now, the morning US streamers are often still going, and the later European streamers are just starting. It’s can be a difficult time to gain traction as a streamer during these times.

5 PM EST / 00 Midnight GMT
– Peak US streaming time ramps up, European streamers wind down. The daytime streamers in the states are finishing , the European streamers tend to be the ones who will be streaming until the small hours of the morning. If you’re still streaming and you have a lot of European followers, you’ll be finding a lot of people coming into your stream who’ve just come back from the pub, or have been out clubbing, and just want to chill with you while they wind down.

– Peak US streaming time, night owls in Europe, while I hardly ever get to hang out on Beam during this time I can imagine it really is one of the busiest times for people getting their stream-on. You’ve got a lot of partners also streaming during this time and It’s a great time to catch up with some of the busiest streams.

So as a streamer is a 24 hour stream really necessary?
The answer is no (but it is great fun), you can hit all the continental timezone with a 12 hour stream as long as you time it right. I’ve done many 24 hour streams, and supported them too, so I’ll run up a separate article on that a little while later.