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Best of Beam – why?

I’m writing this post to clarify a little about my ‘best of Beam’ reviews. Lets get one thing clear I’m not being paid to do this, I’m not sponsored or affiliated, I never tell the streamer that I’m reviewing them, and running a review takes several hours work.

I’ve been around on Beam a long time, longer than most (since mid 2015) I’ve seen partnered streamers come and go, and watched with delight as new streamers are welcomed with open arms by the community.  While holding down a full time job, and managing family commitments which would be impossible without the support of my wonderful partner Cat. My evenings are spent streaming, managing social networks and following Beam streamers as they grow, come to Beam and hang out. I know what makes Beam tick.

If you DM me after being on Beam for 2 weeks, asking why I haven’t featured you it’s not because I haven’t seen you or think your stream stinks – The best of Beam is about streamers who are committed. They may not be partnered, or going for partnership – but they bring something unique to the platform. They don’t have to be the biggest streamers but they must have is a sense of community and understand what Beam stands for, be respectful of others and stream with the knowledge that they’re part of something much bigger than them.

I look forward to catching you online – Keep on streaming!