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Best of Beam review – Sorryaboutyourcats

Name: Sorryaboutyourcats
Stream TimesMonday – Friday 10 PM EST (3 AM GMT)
Joined Beam:
August 2016

On the way to the top!

Beam is all about interactivity, while the vast majority of users incorporate a soundboard into their stream the ability to tie directly into Beams interactive back-end remains a dark-art for a lot of users. Other users don’t necessarily want direct viewer control built into their game – so they concentrate on gameplay.

Sorryaboutyourcats is a streamer that’s taken the opposite view, and pushed interactivity to the highest level, it’s both inspirational and utterly brilliant!

By hooking his connected life directly into his stream so you can literally interact with his home through Beam’s interactive functions. The first thing you’ll notice is the amount of cameras he’s setup, the obstacle course behind him and the constant murmurings from amazon’s Alexa in the background.

Why all the cameras and the obstacle course? That’s for the cute little robot  that viewers can actually control directly in-stream. The Alexa chat? That’s because everyone in stream is trying to get it to order and function  in the most chaotic way possible.

Glitch Cam + 360 Cam + Robot + Game + Chat – WOW!

Some streamers may find it a little daunting to let viewers run amok with their precious electronic devices – not this streamer. I took great delight in driving the little buggy to the top of  the obstacle course only to watch another viewer move it at full pelt off the top where it landed on its back, wheels spinning in vain as it lay on its back trying to complete commands it could never fulfil, for a split second I even felt a pang of guilt for endangering its tiny plastic body in the first place.
A quick reset, and we we’re off again! This time attempting to cause havoc by knocking over the tripod supporting one of the cameras. The robot was now our minion and it’s destiny was to destroy! We did succeed in nudging one of the legs a few inches, often part of the fun is trying to evade being picked up when the robot streamer overlord decides that the robot is getting a little too out-of-bounds

Sorryaboutyourcats is  constantly tweaking and adjusting the interactivity, coming up with new games that engage viewers. Pushing the boundaries on interactive elements within Beam. If you get bored watching him play a game – no problem – just wreck the room with the robot, or add some more dubious items to his shopping list, he’s fantastic at engaging with chat and it’s clear to see he’s having just as much fun as we do interacting with him.

There’s so much more than just voice and robot control here, streams with all sorts of input controls, ones where viewers directly control the game, VR, music creation and live glitch art – it changes daily. There’s further information on his blog linked below, as well as advice and help for those of us seeking to add a lot more interaction to their streams.

This really is one streamer that you shouldn’t miss – if you do – catch up on the Vod’s – he’s a streamer that showcases the very best of interactivity and technical excellence in the most hilarious ways possible.