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Best of Beam Review – Phone_Microwave

Name: Phone_Microwave
Stream Times – Everyday – 10PM PST – 1AM EST – (6 AM GMT)
Teen / Adult (depending on content)
Joined Beam:
July 2016

Which bunker is Phone Streaming from today?

While his stream states he’s the No.1 late night streamer on Beam, he does tend to forget that the world has more than one timezone. Don’t let that confusion distract you – If you like your streamers a little more crazy, with some wild chat, something unexpected or maybe you’re a streamer and need your channel tidied up this channel is the place to go.

He’s still got the fps moves!

I’ve watched Phone_Microwave since he first joined Beam, with massive growth providing free overlays and OBS help to viewers. Many streamers on Beam are using quality overlays that he’s created. He’s also a huge charity streamer with all donations going to his chosen charity. You’re just as likely to find him Playing LoL as you are watching him play Rainbow 6 Siege (as an ex professional player) or knee deep in Adobe After Effects. Feel free to ask him about steel series, as a sponsored streamer you’re going to be able to snag some tips.

You’ll notice that Phone_Microwave doesn’t chroma with his cam, maybe he prefers the ‘streaming from a bunker’ look – or wants you to ask him about his guitar collection – But the style really does work well for him, and when watching feel like you’re there with him – in the room hunting for his back of chips that he’s about to tease everyone with on stream.

I have no idea what’s going on here!

You’ll find viewer chat welcoming, supportive and nutty. If you’ve got something a little unusual to chat about that you simply can’t keep to yourself then this is definitely one of the communities to share it with. The stream is accompanied by a massively active Discord channel, and even random people in his chat were happy to answer questions I had about the channel.