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Best of Beam Review – Outpost

Name: Outpost
Stream Times – 24/7

Family / PG-13 / Adult – depends on game
Joined Beam:
August 2016

iplayPRODIGY – Founder of Outpost

If there’s one stream that you’ll see running pretty much all the time on Beam, it’s Outpost (founded by iplayPRODIGY). Outpost moved across to Beam relatively recently after streaming to many separate channels. With over 24,000 subscribers on YouTube and 360+ followers on twitch, Outpost brings to Beam a 24/7 gaming channel . It’s important to note that you’re not going to be watching one single streamer, Their goal is to provide a hyped variety gaming experience which just doesn’t stop – only by having a streamer rotation is this possible.

Unseen_Str1ke bringing in some variety gaming

While not necessarily bringing all subscribers over to the Beam platform the channel provides a content rich service, there’s always something to watch with plenty of variety and a number of hosts bringing you games that they love to play with content and stories to share.  It’s an interesting concept, effectively a 24/7 gaming TV show thanks to the hard work and dedication from the team to stay live. The few times the channel is offline you may see a replay of a previous stream, although chat will still have live mods even during this time, re-runs will be less and less frequent as more streamers come on board to host.

Whether you want to Interact with the stream or not, you can watch it the background during your day knowing that something will catch your eye. Youngbobo, Unseen_Str1ke, and of course iplayPRODIGY are the streamers responsible for keeping outpost online 24/7 at the moment, and that list will be growing in the near future.

Bobo collecting all the snowballs in Overwatch

You could say that you’re getting at least 3X the fun from a single stream. We wish Prodigy and the team all the best,  Stop by the channel and hang out – It’s always live.