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Best of Beam Review – Magnetron

Name: Magnetron
Stream Times – Everyday – 12 PM EST – (5 PM GMT)
Family Friendly / Teen / Adult (depending on content)
Joined Beam:
August 2016

Not your average Scottsman

For those that like their streams with a little more Gaelic I’m going to highlight one of the best Scottish streamers on the planet. Instantly identifiable, with cool classes and jet black beard, he sports a thick Scottish accent. Magnetron moved over from twitch with a small but dedicated following over to beam and quickly became partnered.

So much Leek!

One of the key parts of Beam is viewer interaction, especially through on-screen buttons that viewers can click on, and spend their sparks. Typically these trigger sounds – anything from hype, to music or something simply to annoy the streamer with. Magnetron has a ludicrous amount of buttons to spend your sparks on. Often someone triggering some of the more expensive sounds will send the viewers and chat into a beautiful dance of chaos as everyone jumps in and spams related emoticons.

If you were to define a Magnetron stream as a food type it would be a Red Bull infused Haggis with a Cyberpunk dressing drizzled with rocket fuel and a fine scotch whisky. You’d eat it and the next day wake up in another city with your trousers around your ankles and wondering why there’s a 4 foot inflatable duck in front of you. You might not remember what happened last night – but you know you’d had one hell of a wild ride.

Magnetron keeps a sharp eye on chat, and keeps his tongue-in-cheek rage firmly to failures in game. His Mods are always on-point. Do keep an eye on the stream rating, it will change according to content.

Falling.. with style

As a subscriber to his channel there are a huge list of benefits, and it’s clear he’s worked really hard on things such as subscriber only servers for games, custom emotes, private discord channels, and a greater chance of earning stream currency for giveaways. It’s clear he’s in this for the long term. Great work.