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Best of Beam Review – MagiktheGamer

Name: Magikthegamer
Stream TimesMonday – Saturday 4 AM EST (10AM GMT)
Mature (18)
Joined Beam:
Feb 2016

I’m so excited about this first review of of a non-partnered streamer, I know it’s going to come as a surprise to many of you following these ‘Best of Beam’ reviews. You’re going to be wondering why.

A real-life Australian they’re very rare.

He’s not in the US, or Europe, He doesn’t stream during peak US hours, although you may catch him hosting you when he wakes up in the morning. He doesn’t have gimmicks, or a massive selection of alerts. Magikthegamers growth has been through word of mouth through people browsing beam, flicking over to his stream, and staying around because they like what they see.

“Hi everyone, welcome to the Magik realm, my name is Magikthegamer and I have shit internet”, it’s true! His internet really is crap, but very rarely does the stream break up or glitch, if anything it gives you a sense of the global reach of Beam. Of course Magik is Australian, he’s not the only Aussie on Beam, but he doesn’t play up that part, and his stream isn’t full of expletives all the time, or attract the kind of audience looking for that kind of novelty. What he is,  is pure down to earth Australian – a good guy and family man, the kind of person where if you’re truck was stuck in the outback, and a vicious pack of koalas were on the hunt for human meat – he’d roll-up in a pickup truck, crack open a few tins of beer, throw some meat on the barby, get you fixed up, and on your way.

What I love about some of the less busy streams is that you can have a real chat to him about the games they’re playing, maybe you fancy a different perspective on what’s going on in in the world, or maybe you’re coming to just relax. Magik’s stream is where it’s at. A great selection of soundboard audio complements the stream, none of them too intrusive, and totally fun to mess with.

Trying not to drown in Subnautica

It’s great to watch streamers complete their games, I’ve seen many a play through of some lesser streamed games with Magik, rebel glaxy dishonored 2, and darkest dungeon. Chat in stream while occasionally a little raunchy never goes OTT, it’s a close-knit set of viewers and you’re guaranteed a warm welcome from everyone when you pop in and say hi.

Will I never do full interviews for these reviews I did manage to sneak in a couple of questions to him, one of the benefits for Magik as an Australian streamer for streaming on beam is that beam actually works better than a lot fo the competing platforms if you have a lower quality internet connection. He also doesn’t feel pressured to stream the latest and greatest games all the time, he can just do his own thing.

getting some spookly-on

He did ask himself why people follow him, If he reads this, my Aussie friend, I hope I’ve answered that for you, never stop streaming.


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  1. Love this. Magikthegamer seems like the type of fellow I would hang with in real life. Grats on the profile. Will see you on your stream sometime! 🙂



    1. Thank you so much rawbelly also – congrats on the first comment I’ve ever had! :D:

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