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Best of Beam Review – Lagby

Name: Lagby
Stream Times – Monday – Friday – 9AM EST – (2PM GMT)
Family Friendly.
Joined Beam:
October 2015



Lagby originally got partnered as a WoW streamer, and it’s been amazing to watch his growth over the past year. He’s developed his own unique style. He’s what I regard as a social streamer you’re just as likely find him having a heart-heart with his viewers as you are playing multiplayer games.

About to get shot in the knee
About to get shot in the knee

What sets Lagby apart is the warm way he engages viewers, and some might say the real stars of the Lagby livestream is Jacita his wife, and Dante the dog.
Always heard but never seen Jacita is guiding light behind lagby’s casts often drawing much needed attention to chat that’s been missed and making sure Lagby’s kee

He's aged so well!
He’s aged so well!

ping an eye of what’s going on. The rapport that they have is utterly adorable and works brilliantly while Jacitas feedback may sometimes be brushed off lightly – the humor is never missed by the community and many people engage with the stream to feed off that important dynamic. You really do get the feeling that you are being invited into the family, and it’s often hearing Jacita in the background laughing at Lagby and that chat that lifts the stream to a whole new level.

Slick Layers Featuring Fan Art
Slick Layers Featuring Fan Art

One thing that viewers with keen ears will notice is that the stream is also running officially licensed music so you’ll also hear some great classic tunes on the channel.  The stream is professional and slick, not overburdened with excessive overlays and language and chat is kept firmly within safe borders.

I’ve mentioned Lagby’s ‘lagouts’ on the blog before, the original through process was as a way to find new streamers who were actually in his chat and encourage them all to follow each other. A stroke of genius with the simple emote o/ . To me that’s the definition of Beam in two characters, it’s saying ‘i’m here, put your hand up and I’ll follow you as well’, it’s a hello and a welcome.

With the rare luxury of currently being able to stream 40+ hours a week you really should take time to pop into Lagby’s channel and say hi, you’ll be welcomed with open arms and a big heart.