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Best of Beam Review – Koolysmiley

Name: Koolysmiley
Stream Times: Tuesday-Thursday 3 PM CT (9 PM GMT)
Rating: Teen / Adult
Joined Beam: January 2017

Don’t ask her to build your house!

One of the great things about Beam’s it that it lets viewers engage with streamers instantly, with no delay in chat a dialogue can happen that feels completely natural. Beam allows true entertainers to engage with their viewers in a way that has been completely impossible before.

QA time with viewers

Actress, Singer, YouTube star and all-round entertainer Koolysmiley brings her incredible talent to Beam 3 days a week. Koolys’ talent for entertainment is instantly recognisable, a force of upbeat energy, vibrant and one of the sassiest streamers on Beam that keeps viewers constantly engaged with her stream.

Singing Voice at the Ready!

You’ll be treated to an inside view of her life as she plays songs and sings with viewers, practices the Ukulele and talks about show biz. Sharing the communities love of games, she covers all subjects from the latest gaming news and subjects that matter to you, right down to talking about her favourite video game characters, or where she met her partner.

It’s a duet!

The stream often becomes viewer led – it’s the entertainer within her shining through, but she always manages to lead the conversation back to discuss the topic in hand – whether it’s talking about your favourite super powers or unboxing the latest computer gadget. Utterly at home in front of the camera it’s an honour for viewers to be able to interact with a professional at this level.

Follow her on Beam and don’t miss out on the next broadcast from this extraordinary streamer.