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Best of Beam Review – Kitty Haz Claws

Name: Kitty_HaZ_Claws
Stream TimesMonday – Thursday 7 -10 PM CST (1 AM – 4 AM GMT)
PG-13 / Mature
Joined Beam:
Feb 2016

Meow Bitch! I’ve been waiting to do this review for a long time, the reason for the delay is probably slightly obvious, I’m normally fast asleep during Kitty’s streams.  The second reason is one perhaps of slight trepidation as she’s one of my all time favourites.

Looking fantastic without a wig.

If Lagby and Rocketbear are the godfathers of Beam streamers then you might describe Kitty_haz_Claws as the female voice of Holly from Red dwarf, a physical embodiment of the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, maybe Joan of Ark, the Queen, Ripley from Aliens, your favourite Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream with a live hand grenade at the bottom.

What What? it’s a butt… Artwork

You know what? Maybe she’s unclassifiable – What I do know is that Kitty is so much more than her channel, and if you look beyond her amazing selection of coloured wigs and stopped laughing at the delicious choice of variety games that she’s playing you’ll realise that she’s insanely clever, with wit sharper than a flick-knife dipped in oil.

Why my hesitation about this post? While I joined Beam many months before Kitty, I didn’t start streaming properly until around the same time as her, and she was well established. She’s given me advice and help with my streaming, often giving me a sounding board to rethink ideas. Even if you haven’t caught her live and you’ve been around on beam for a few months I guarantee that you’ll have come across her on many other channels that she mods for, so if you don’t know kitty – where have you been?.

Don’t slice the neck kitty!

She has an amazing blog which is a must-visit at providing advice on being social, interviews, motivation and personal thoughts which is a must-read for everyone on Beam.  She probably doesn’t realise it but despite the timezone differences I often catch up with her VOD’s like the one below where she was carrying out some shaving practice, this video from Kitty’s YouTube channel is also worth a watch. Kitty uses her YouTube channel for a lot of historical walk-throughs and tutorials, keeping her actual stream completely focused on Beam.

I have no idea, but it was funny

Being part of a Kitty_haz_Claws stream is like sitting down next to your best friend, watching and laughing with them as they explore new games, get confused and solve puzzles together. You’re not coming to this stream to watch the best counterstrike player in the world, you wont see fake laughs and forced entertainment. What you will see is someone who is genuine, who always seeks input from the viewers on directions to take in-stream. It’s not a passive experience, and this one of the many things I love about Kitty’s streams you can relax with her and she brings you into the fold in such a seamless way you often don’t realise you’re giggling to yourself until you spurt your drink out all over your screen. It’s a style of streaming that I love, that attention to detail within some games those little pauses in the action to describe how she feels about what’s happening are really what makes it so personal. Like Cosplay? Well, Kitty has you covered there, you’ll often find her streaming decked out as one of her flavour of the month characters – maybe it’s Harlequin from Suicide Squad, or Daenerys Targaryen but rest assured it’s gonna look great.

To quote the Greek Philosopher Aristotle in 340 BC: “The Whole is greater than the sum of its parts” It’s pretty damn obvious he was predicting Kitty_haz_Claws coming to Beam over 2000 years in the future.