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Best of Beam Review – Gouda

Name: Gouda
Stream Times – Monday – Friday – 12 PM EST – (5 PM GMT)
Teen / Adult (depending on content)
Joined Beam:
August 2016

Looking good after 30 hours!

Phonetically pronounced “Ghowdah, not Good ah” Gouda is one of those streamers that you’ll often come across casually browsing Beam, and then stick around for the entire stream. You often catch him more recently playing minecraft.  I’d still class Gouda as a variety streamer, although you’re going to see a lot more minecraft being played. He’s been streaming since 2012, and moved across to Beam from twitch after streaming there for around 18 months almost at the same time as Phone_Microwave.

Fantastic charity fundraising through gaming

I caught Gouda streaming with over 27 hours into one of his charity streams, currently raising over $300 for Extralife, he was still wide awake, perky and engaging the chat. He’s not currently partnered with Beam, although I expect that to change in the near future. Gouda is also actively involved in the keyboard cowboys stream team as the leader.

Adding some variety gaming

Recent server sponsorship, and gamewisp subscriptions will mean both followers and subscribers will have plenty of opportunity to get directly involved with his streams within a safe and helpful community. I’ve never seen him rage, he can hold a great conversation and his dedication is clear to see which is why I’ve included him as part of ‘Best of Beam’.

If you have a question about running charity streams Gouda is the man to ask, and he’ll be more than happy to give you advice. He’s going to be a huge part of the beam community for many years to come.  It’s going to be great to see him grow.

There are other great minecraft streamers on Beam who are also worthy of attention (and I will be covering more), but this post goes out to Gouda as an appreciation of his efforts.

Fantastic work, keep on streaming.