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Best of Beam Review – CrankyCanuck

Name: CrankyCanuck
Stream TimesMonday – Friday 10:30 AM EST (3:30 PM GMT) additional webshow on Saturday at  10 PM EST (3 AM GMT)
Mature (18)
Joined Beam:

While game streamers feature massively on Beam, this feature is about someone who may stream games but also have a very strong web show. A word of advice, this particular stream is most definitely Mature rating.

It’s great for me to see someone older than me streaming, rest assured that’s not why i’m featuring him.

He’s got your back if you’re in a bar fight!

CrankyCanuck, an old Canadian with a thick accent for those of us old to remember the 1989 film ‘roadhouse with Patrick Swayze and Sam Elliot – He basically looks like Sam Elliot playing Wade Garrett a ‘cooler’. I’d argue that he looks like a slim father Christmas – so I’ll tick that off my list of comparisons right there.

The biggest show he does is the weekend edition where he gets a group of really great people in stream with him to discuss basically anything, from memes and humor to many conversations about gaming and it’s a pure joy to watch.

My word of advice.. Don’t miss these shows.

The normal show is your chance to have direct conversations with him, there is nothing off-limits here, tongue pushups, getting old, his other erm ‘exercise activities’. At the same time he keeps the conversation under control – and it’s gaming that always returns to the conversation.

He often streams out of my timezone – but the interviews that he does brings value and advice to budding streamers, and lets viewers get really underneath the personalities that you know and love on Beam.

The old day.. when controllers looked stupid

If you’ve got gaming news that you want to discuss with an open minded community this is also the place to come – it’s a pleasure to have the perspective of an experienced gamer, with input from his community.

It’s raid time! …

CrankyCanuck has a big heart, doesn’t take himself too seriously and frequently is the butt of his own jokes. Cranky is never short of advice and a genuine and positive streamer if you’re new or established on Beam you MUST check out his stream and if you’re asleep like me during the big weekend shows – watch the VOD’s that’s what they’re there for, I promise you wont be disappointed.

This is how you do a web show. Keep streaming CrankyCanuck!