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Best of Beam Review – Blizzy

Name: Blizzy
Stream TimesMonday – Saturday 7 AM PST (3PM GMT)

Family / PG-13
Joined Beam:
January 2016

Blizzy adventuring in Final Fantasy IV

Blizzy as one of the younger partnered streamers on Beam is the one of the few streamers I’ll happily let my kids watch with me without any fear of them leaving the stream and talking to me like a drunken sailor on shore-leave. Blizzy is a star that radiates enthusiasm and positivity, an absolute role model for the younger streamers on Beam, she’s totally the real deal – you’ll see no fake smiles and the content is absolute magic.

You see this a lot..

Often seen playing Overwatch she plays one heck of a mean Pharah. I watched Blizzy utterly wreck the opposing team with some smooth moves, and giggling every step of the way with a  huge grin on her face. If I was against an fps team you’d want to be on the same side or end up with a rocket up your nose.

Reinhardt about to die

As a variety streamer the interaction that she brings to fresh games and the stream is one of wonder, to older streamers it harks back to those times when we first played Super Mario, loaded up Zelda, or heard the first opening notes of Final Fantasy.

New discoveries await in Terraria

If you catch her playing a game with interactive elements you can be guaranteed you’ll be asked for your input on how she should progress, whether it’s quests for an rpg, or character and ride types in Planet Coaster – to laughing at silly animals in ‘No Mans Sky’. You’ll often see 3 or more different games per stream  – the variety just keeps on coming.

Blizzy may doesn’t have a flashy interface or a huge chroma setup, but thousands of followers have become enchanted by her thoughts on games, chatting and most of all watching her succeed.