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Beam chose the winter solstice to announce new features

Stonehenge, is this the location of Beams UK Ingest server?

Some might say coincidence, others will say it’s a tenuous link, you might be right.

During this most magical of mornings when thousands of druids were gathering around England’s most famous prehistoric monument the website was updated with upcoming changes.

King Arthur Pendragon at Stonehenge, pondering the updates

While I can waggle my finger at the screen and say I was right about many of my predictions (and it’s not 2017 yet) – lets take a look at the most important ones that are vital to you as a streamer.

  • We are increasing our max bitrate to up to 10 Mbps
  • 1440p 60 FPS streams now supported
  • Ability to schedule and feature multiple broadcasters and events
  • Ability to feature mature streams to authenticated 18+ users
  • More screen real estate to share info about broadcaster’s communities
  • Xbox Live login
  • New mobile updates

The bitrate and 1440p 60 FPS stream support is fantastic news, while still out of the range of the majority of streamers it’s a wonderful addition to those who have the compute horsepower and bandwidth, and it’s going to mean a massive increase in the quality of streams across the board.

Scheduling YES! will this mean that as a streamer in a non-US timezone it will allow me to gain more traction – I hope so, but it also means I’ll be able to track and follow more great streamers on Beam.

Authenticated 18 users (this is very important as countries especially the UK seek to restrict 18+ content to actual verified users across the entire internet) – It’s great to see the devs ensuring they’re going to be ready for this.

We love screen real estate – it’s important to us, and the more space we have – the more we can share information about ourselves.

Xbox Live login – this will eventually be the only way to log into Beam – The only downside to this maybe it’s confirmation that we will never see a PS4 App. Everyone hates remembering and managing a bazillion logins, anything that makes logging into Beam related services easier gets my vote. Behind the scenes I can see it will make providing content such as games and perks to Xbox users a whole bunch easier.

It’s fantastic work on the part of the Entire staff, and a great communication to their community to announce these changes. Keep on streaming.