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Beam – some quick predictions 2017


A professional tech journalist at work.

I’ll do this before this weeks announcements, and it’s going to be interesting to see how right I am over the coming year.
What we already know..

  • Xbox and Windows 10 Beam streaming
  • Personal Emotes for pro users

So we don’t actually know that much.. Here’s my predictions, reading more like a wishlist..

  • Beam pro account for all xbox gold subscribers
  • Beam on PS4
  • Improve ingest servers
  • Beam tournament tie ins with major competitions
  • AAA Microsoft titles incorporating interactivity with Beam
  • FTL finalised as a protocol – also part of Xsplit
  • Beam swag shop
  • Tie ins with hardware manufacturers – Beam Ready PC’s
  • Beam continue to attend and stream big events  – E3 stream?
  • Major dev kit released incorporating beam interactivity at its heart. Visual studio integration.
  • Partners getting bigger cut from subscriptions
  • 4k Streaming
  • More transcode options for viewers
  • Export beam videos to youtube
  • VOD highlighting
  • Free games for Pro subscribers

While I’d be delighted if Beam did all of the above they’re really going to have to keep on top of technology with the competition, and the capacity of the ingest servers to keep up with demand. I’m looking forward to ticking these off the list.

3 thoughts on “Beam – some quick predictions 2017

  1. 4K streaming is going to be a tough one. Most people don’t even play in 4K, and the hardware requirements to encode in 4K in real-time are ludicrous. And even if someone can do it, it will still need a very high bitrate (I am guessing in the general area of 10Mbps+; significantly higher for hardware encoding). And even if someone can do that as well, the audience still needs to be able to have that bitrate on the downstream *and* actually be capable of looking at videos in 4K. Sure, the servers could provide transcoding, but transcoding 4K down to 1080p is a very demanding task by itself.

    HEVC, of course, might help there. But x265 isn’t fast enough, and nVidia’s implementation is incredibly wasteful left and right (which, in turn, means a higher bitrate will be required).

    All in all, I don’t think 4K will happen anytime soon.

    1. You’re right also I think beam are still running their 4k test stream. Although it shows as 1080p. Maybe just a dream I’ll have to add it to the 2018 wish list.

  2. These things sound so good. Here’s hoping your predictions come true!

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